Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Chapter 4: Type with a purpose

Design is a very tricky job to do. What do you do for a client, will they like your idea or will your typeface work well with what you are designing? You need to look at what the design calls for. Is it a fun idea, serious, sympathetic or even business oriented. You need to look at your client and their clients, even though you might not like it, you are the designers and they are the clients. Designers also have to look at the way fonts are designed, Sans serif versus serif. One or the other could totally ruin your design. In the early typefaces from the Renaissance and their modern equivalents fit descriptions of today. They still show their kinship with Italian handwriting, which by necessity had to be more casual than rigid metal letters. Most designers work and design for the eyes, whatever feels quite comfortabl. The more technical a profession, the cooler and more rigid its typefaces; the more traditional a trade, the more classical its typefaces.
Finally, the way that you see typefaces on the screen are not always the way they print out, especially the color. They are in RGB on the screen and composed of coarse lines or dots, and black is not an ink, but the absence of light, so you have to design your color choices around the design. Look at a wedding invitation. Some people have an outdoor wedding and some indoor. They want to design for the way that the wedding is. If it is layed back, it will be a more upbeat and fun typeface or if it is indoor it will be more elegant or scripted type style.


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