Sunday, October 02, 2005

Chapter 3: Looking at type

First off, type is always around us. We always have an eye for certain things that we read everyday. It could be from newspapers in the morning with our coffee, a magazine with our favorite sport's team in it or an e-mail from a business partner. These items could be horribly designed from laout to type to printing or images. Most people look at certain items and look at what color it is. We see a shoe and see it as yellow, or we see a word the helps us see that same shoe a different way and not just a color but a font that better explains that shoe. Sometimes it is not the way that the type is layed out, but what the font says and how it explains the product. Here is an example of the shoe question.

Mizuno Wave Nirvana
Cushion Running Shoe Mens

Type also has worked many ways with expressions of people. The characters of the letters in a physical characteristics, from light or heavy, round or square, slim or squat. Some emotions call for a black typeface with sharp edges, pleasant feelings are better evoked with light characters.There is many things that makes up a typeface or a letter. From the counter, kern, ascender, x-height, kern, serif, body and many more factors. Digital letters has been made to come from pixels. Every character has to be a certain number of pixels wide and high. Computer screeens are not where we real all of our type, phones, pdas, even microwave ovens. Some are small and simple but some are very complex.
So this goes with pretty much the way all of my discussions have ended, type is around us always and we see it no matter where we are.


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