Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Throughout all of advertising and time, there has been plenty of type styles that have put out that are good and bad. The first example is the Budweiser Beer logo. Throughout time, this logo has had many of face lifts. Budweiser old LogoFrom a whole word to a single letter. The old style wanted to promote the "American" beer with the red, white and blue colors. The script or cursive font was very legible and recognizable everywhere.

With the new logo, the single letter is used throughout their companies brand recognition. It has the crown on top of the "B", looking like the top of a beer bottle. The colors also work very well together, the gold and the red.

Budweiser New Logo

Here is a link to there web site so you can see the variations of this new logoBudweiser

Next, is the example of the bad design. This example is a web site that I came upon. It is Atlas Design, which you would think would be layed out fairly good with being a web design firm but this page has dark images, broken links, bad choice of background and the first line of text is dark, it looks the same color as the background. This company could of put a box around the text, moved the text over a little bit or even chose a different color for the font. Even though big companies put up these extravagant logos or web sites, there is always error for mistakes.

Click on picture for enlargement and a better view of what I am talking about.Atlas Design Screen Shot Here is the link for Atlas Design and maybe you could find some more errors.Atlas Design